I think theres something wrong with me (please read)?

Answer Sounds like maybe a seizure, perhaps hyperventilating. You should see your general doctor who will determine if you need to see, and recommend, a neurologist. Seriously, do this sooner than later... Read More »

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Whats wrong with me please read?

it sounds like anemia, which is iron defficiency. Go to a doctor and they will test for this and other things and prescribe supplements.

My PSP Won't Read Any Memory Sticks, What Is Wrong?

Lacking a built-in hard drive, the Sony PSP has a memory card slot that accepts memory cards for storage. But dirt and debris can get onto the memory card slot's connectors, making it impossible fo... Read More »

Sometimes when I read I see things wrong do I need glasses?

You might be dyslexic. I don't know if you can correct that with glasses. You should do some research.

How do you know if what you read about vaccines on the Internet is wrong?

Unless you are a trained health care professional, this is difficult at best and impossible at times. The best approach is to look at information from multiple sources from reliable health care ent... Read More »