I think the scrape on my leg may be infected. What can I do for it?

Answer put some peroxide on it a few times a day until you see a doctor.

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Is my scrape infected **pics**?

It doesn't look infected at this point, but it could become infected. Make sure you keep it clean and dry, continue using the neosporin, and keep an eye out for increased redness in the area. If yo... Read More »

How do you know if your scrape/scab is infected?

Ok you got to get carpet out, sterilize a tweezers with flame...peroxide will help noes portion cream not ointment when you have A burn its best to use creams as ointments aren't to be used the dif... Read More »

Is this knee scrape infected Pic inside.?

That looks pretty normal for a large, but shallow, scrape. The little bit of red around the margins is inflammation: that's your immune system doing it's job to prevent further infection.(If you s... Read More »

How Do I Make Sure That My Scrape Isn't Infected && How Do I Treat It?