I think that I'm dehydrated?

Answer You sound like you are dehydrated with a history of diarrhea and cracked, bleeding lip and only urinating once today.You need more than water. You need electrolytes like gatorade. Potassium and s... Read More »

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What happens when you're dehydrated?

your toung will swell, you will probably have a head ache, your skin will lose elasticity. in sever cases yourbrain will swell and you will go into a coma and die. bottom line drink water

What do you do when you are dehydrated?

You need to rehydrate. Drink fresh juices, or water with a pinch of salt. If a person is severely dehydrated, they might be put on drips.

How to Tell if You Are Dehydrated?

Want to learn how to treat dehydration? Or perhaps worried about being dehydrated but you don't know how to tell? Dehydration is more common than you might think, so knowing how to treat it and how... Read More »

So I got dehydrated again..?

How are your glucose levels? Also, try to drink as much water as you can, it wont hurt and hopefully it can get rid of some of your symptoms, if problems persist or get severe, see a doctor.