I think something's wrong with me?

Answer *points up*listen to skater, she's a nurse

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Somethings wrong with my ?

hello: Here is what i would do. Get some good eye drops. And use this as well. it's an eye cream. Called Gen teal Eye gel lubricant. K The eye Dr gave me a sample okay. I hope you get better.

I think somethings wrong with my neck?

your neck muscles are weak from nerve interference. see an hio method chiropractor to correct the cause.

Somethings wrong with this formula IN MS EXCEL =((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ?

You are missing a bracket.Replace the code with: =(((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ^ You are missing this bracket in your formula.

What are somethings I can do?

I thought those were supposed to be free? I know the elementary schools here in CA have preschools built on the side and its a public preschool. If they charge there, I sugggest you move or make su... Read More »