I think something happened to me saturday nite should i tell?

Answer I would like ask her dad and be like what did youu do to mee? And see what happens from there and if he doesnt say anything then talk to your mom or sister.

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Moms, tell me something funny that happened to you today?

We have a new stroller which I have opened a few times quite easily. But today I just spent 10 minutes in the carpark of our shopping centre trying to open it! I gave up and then couldn't get it ... Read More »

I poured peroxide in my ear and something happened that I don't think is healthy. Help!?

Go to a hospital because pouring something in one ear and it coming out of the other ear is not healthy!

I think Wikipedia shouldn't be edited by everyone. I think Wikipedia should tell only the truth about things?

The thing that makes Wikipedia stand out is the fact that any person can edit the information on there. There are already enough online encyclopedias and dictionaries out there edited by profession... Read More »

My caps lock is broke i think its becuase something got spilled on it wut should i do?

If it's a desktop computer, go to Best Buy and purchase another one. You can get one for less than $10. I've had keyboards go out before because I spilled something on them. They don't ever work ri... Read More »