I think my water has been poisoned?

Answer Take a sample of the water into a water testing company.

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Could I be poisoned What could have been in the water?

bottled water is full of harmful chemicals to start with as it comes from the ground.The smell, I would suspect to be a form of Cloro-diaphin which can cause delusions of grandeur like George W Bu... Read More »

What should you do if you've been lead poisoned for 15 years?

Answer Hi there. You need to see your doctor who will perform a blood test to confirm lead poisoning. If the test is positive, your doctor will treat you and advise you on the best course of action... Read More »

Symptoms of Arsenic Poisoned Well Water?

Arsenic occurs naturally in rocks and soil. Some groundwater naturally contains high levels of arsenic, but high levels of arsenic found in well water can also result from poor well construction. ... Read More »

Is Sambuca supposed to make you feel like you're dieing, or have I been poisoned?

Sambuca really isn't a drink to get drunk on.And if you do want to catch a buzz, drink the Cafe Sambuca. Shots only.Then get creative. Maybe a chaser of Beer, Rum & Coke. Not gin or