I think my toe is broken or what?

Answer If it persists then you'll have to do it on your own time and money because it sounds like there's something really wrong with your toe. I recently broke 2 toes and they healed just fine on their own

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Is my ankle broken please help and tell me what u think?

You should go to the hospital to get it checked out. There's a possibility it's broken, but it could just be a sprain, too. Just go, get it checked out and see what they say.

My gf says that only whimps go to the hospital, but I think I've broken my finger. What should I do?

break her finger and tell her she is "wimp" if she goes to the hospital, seriously i would get it checked out, she obviously doesn't care about you

I think my toe is broken?

Did you call a toe truck? Sorry, couldn't resist. Are we talking all the toes, or just one that's injured?It's a very common issue, braking a toe. If the skin is not broken, you should be able to... Read More »

Do You Think It Could Be Broken?

Does it hurt to move your finger? Is it difficult to? If so, a trip to the ER may be in order. If you did break it or fracture it, and it healed during this time, it may have healed incorrectly. If... Read More »