I think my optometrist wrote "low self-esteem" on my chart?

Answer What the H... could you have possibly said during an eye exam to give him that idea?!?! I can't even possibly imagine.

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What is the basic difference between structured chart and flow chart?

Process Control Chart only spell the process flow, no transportation, delay or inspection Flow Process Chart will do follow up by process control chart, it spell more detail than process control ch... Read More »

What Is Difference Between Flow Chart And Structure Chart?

1) it is usually difficult to identify the different modules of a program in flow chart. 2) data interchange amoung different module is not represented in flow chart. 3) sequence ordering of task i... Read More »

What is difference between flow chart and process chart?

A flow chart is the general term. A process chart can be a flow chart. Hello?!

Should I see an optometrist?

No. Differences in pupil size after a traumatic injury is a sign that you will be dead within minutes or hours because of swelling in your brain. If you've lived with this since you were young, t... Read More »