I think my molar tooth needs to get pulled out. would it hurt?

Answer You don't necessarily have to have the tooth pulled, you would want to see if the dentist can fix if, it is much better in the long run to keep the tooth and it does not hurt. The dentist will use... Read More »

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Why does a molar tooth still hurt two months after a root canal and could the nerve still be in the tooth?

Weird, I had this same problem recently. I had a root canal down and a few months later my tooth started hurting again. I was now going to a different dentist and he took out the filling and the pr... Read More »

Would you get an infection if you pulled a molar?

Answer That depends on how you pulled it (I'm assuming you didn't sterilize anything)and how you've taken care of it since. No, you wouldn't automatically be guaranteed an infection but yes its po... Read More »

If a second molar tooth has been pulled can it be possible that it will be filled with a new wisdom tooth that is slowly coming in and will it slowly fill the gap?

I had my molar pulled 10 - 15 years ago and my wisdom tooth did come down and fill in the space. It is slightly slanted but I have never had any problems with it. Answer It is possible for a wisdo... Read More »

How to Determine if a Tooth Needs to Be Pulled?

A picture depicting a tooth (obviously not real)Have you ever wanted to know when to pull out a tooth? Sometimes, you just can't wait for the tooth to fall out. We all experience loose teeth. This ... Read More »