I think my husband is having an affair, how do i install a key logger?

Answer Better yet, confront the problem with him instead of spy on him.

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My vacuum cleaner has lost its suction, and i think my husband is having an affair, what should i do?

I'm having an affair with my ex-wife. Do you think my current girlfriend will be upset?

I think she will be tickled pink. NO you ****** moron of the century if shes smart she will brake up with your lying cheating backstabing bad breath gorilla azz. I hope you get every STD ever made ... Read More »

How to Forgive a Husband After an Online Affair?

A husband's extramarital affair is never an easy pill to swallow, but an online affair is a different animal entirely. If your husband has had one, he may have rationalized that it wasn't cheating,... Read More »

How to Bond With Your Husband After an Affair?

An affair can truly damage a marriage. However, it doesn't mean that your marriage has to end or that there isn't room to repair problems. If both of you are committed to fixing and mending the iss... Read More »