I think my hand might be broken?

Answer If the swelling doesnt go down within three days, go into the doctor, also if it is black and blue then it most likely is. A few years ago i got hit in the same spot with a wooden paddle and it swe... Read More »

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WHAT IS WORSE: broken HAND or broken HEART?

Hand is more important. without it, you wont be able to come to yahoo answers to pour out your woes. I agree with baobei. Almost everybody has some heart broken tales which they cast aside but n... Read More »

Is my hand broken or wat?

No, it doesnt sound like its broken...maybe just sprained.

I think i might have a broken hand?

Well you might also wanna get your collar bone looked at? does that hurt to? If you fall flat on both hands it can damage/break your collar bone get that checked out too, even if its not hurting, W... Read More »

Is my hand broken please help?

That would be a good question for the person doing your x-rays at the hospital.