I think my friends recked my computer's trackpad?

Answer That is an internal problem, so you will either have to repair or replace the part but i'm getting the vibe you don't the organs of a computer so just take it to someone who does and they will be a... Read More »

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I cannot get on the Youtube website, on any of my computers. But my friends can, what is wrong?

it could be one of many things?! internet security or network connections/settings are prob most likely!

Can you use a trackpad with an iPad 2?

How to Replace the TrackPad on a Mac?

Apple Computer was the first computer maker to use a trackpad on a laptop. The first model to have a trackpad was the PowerBook 520, code named Blackbird, which the company release in May 1995. Pre... Read More »

How to Disable Your Mac's Trackpad?

The trackpad is a necessary evil for your Mac laptop. A computer mouse is not the most portable piece of equipment and you need to get around the GUI somehow. However, there are few things more fru... Read More »