I think my friends recked my computer's trackpad?

Answer That is an internal problem, so you will either have to repair or replace the part but i'm getting the vibe you don't the organs of a computer so just take it to someone who does and they will be a... Read More »

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I cannot get on the Youtube website, on any of my computers. But my friends can, what is wrong?

it could be one of many things?! internet security or network connections/settings are prob most likely!

Can Computers think?

I did a 20 page paper on artificial intelligence (AI). I can e-mail you my paper if you'd like (if I find it). My e-mail's public. My opinion is that they can't think on their own, they are program... Read More »

How good do you think you are on computers?

sometimes i think i am really good but when people ask me about computers usually 50% of the time i will know what they are talking about and 25% of the time i will give them the right information.

Do you think computers are evil?

i think that computers aid the evil. I think that the world would be better if not everyone had access to computers. Computers are good for work, but not recreation. Anyone can pretend to be any... Read More »