I think my earing hole on my ear is infected, what can i do ?

Answer did you get your ears pierced at a decent place?maybe go back and see what they saythey may give you cleaning water/creamIf not don't worry - if you have anti-septic cream - with clean hands rub th... Read More »

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Help!! I think the back of my earing is in my ear lobe!?

I don't think it's stuck :/ The piercing hole would have to be really wide to fit a whole earring back. It was probably really tough to get out because it's a new piercing, you really shouldn't hav... Read More »

I recently got my second hole pierced at clares and now it is infected what can i do to fix it ?

just because its red and swollen doesnt automatically mean infection. 1st that gun they use cant be properly sanitized. 2nd the posts they pierce you with are usually to short and put a lot of pres... Read More »

How do you disinfect earings and clean an infected ear hole?

I think the scrape on my leg may be infected. What can I do for it?

put some peroxide on it a few times a day until you see a doctor.