I think my Windows XP has been counterfeited! Help!!?

Answer This website address? -> so it IS from Microsoft.So how did they make a mistake, and mark your genuine copy of Microsoft Windows as a counterfeit copy?It's all t... Read More »

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Don't you think HP should actually have been ready for Windows 7?

hey Jim. if i were going to be snide i'd say, that's what you get for being all "bleeding edge" with OS technology not availabe to the general masses yet.but i'm not address your query, i... Read More »

Help, I think my e-mail has been hacked?

Probably not, its just spam...what they do is tell you, you are registered, but its just a sceme to get you to go to their site, so that site could download a virus or spyware to your computer. Or,... Read More »

HELP!! I think I've been hacked by someone!!!?

The administrator is the default account used in Windows.This is actually normal.If you lose access to Task Manager and Regedit. This means you've got a virus in your system.Get a new antivirus and... Read More »

I think my computer has been hacked! Please help fast?

well it could be mallware i guess. your gonna have to get acces to the hard drive if you want to know though so pull out your Ethernet so that it cant Connect ot the INTERNET and leak your password... Read More »