I think my Sony HDR-SR10 is used or refurbished?

Answer cables are not branded or marked.if it came in a "gray" box with sony on it, and it was not a retail box, then it may be a refurb. if you see a gold "QC" sticker on the cam, its a refurb

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Is the Sony HDR-SR10 compatible with iMovie?

As of August 2010, the Sony HDR-SR10 HD camcorder was not listed in the iMovie-compatible cameras list. However, previous models, such as the HDR-SR8, HDR-SR7 and HDR-SR11 (among others), are compa... Read More »

What is the difference between refurbished and non refurbished phones?

What Is a Refurbished TV?

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What is a refurbished GPS?

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