I think my Sony HDR-SR10 is used or refurbished?

Answer cables are not branded or marked.if it came in a "gray" box with sony on it, and it was not a retail box, then it may be a refurb. if you see a gold "QC" sticker on the cam, its a refurb

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Is the Sony HDR-SR10 compatible with iMovie?

As of August 2010, the Sony HDR-SR10 HD camcorder was not listed in the iMovie-compatible cameras list. However, previous models, such as the HDR-SR8, HDR-SR7 and HDR-SR11 (among others), are compa... Read More »

Amazon refurbished, New, And used?

I sell a lot on Amazon, so maybe I can help:1. NEW means just that. Original seal or shrink wrap. Straight "off the shelf" condition. Never used, never opened. Just like you'd find in a tradit... Read More »

Does refurbished mean used?

Refurbished means to make an item clean, bright and like new again. The term refurbished is applied to everything from electronics, to furniture, to homes, to businesses. Refurbished items usually ... Read More »

Is it possible to buy a used or refurbished laptop for under $30?

I sure wouldn't think so. I have one here I bought thatwas dead. I gave 50 for it and brought it back to life.It is working fine. Now I wouldn't sell it. Check here↓ Read More »