I think my SD card is borken!?

Answer I can't imagine why you wanted to 'watch yourself' talk in your sleep.The video quit when the SD card was full, and the video file is now unusable, due to a missing End Of File flag.Format the card... Read More »

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How much would it cost to replace a borken LCD screen?

The screen is the single most expensive part in an LCD TV. The cost to replace it (parts and labour) is more than just buying a new TV set.

Hi i have 8GB sdhc sandisk memory card when i inserted in my canon camera its said card error card locked ichecked on the side it was fine when i insert in my PC it reads can you pls help?

Maybe. Take it into a camera shop and ask them to do a card recovery. Sometimes they can retrieve the images. Another way is to use photo recovery software. One I used before is Asoftech Photo Rec... Read More »

What is the difference between a bank card, credit card and a debit card?

According to, a bank card is a bank-issued plastic card with a magnetic strip used for electronic commerce. It allows transactions to be done electronically without having to... Read More »

My memory card automatically erased images on memory card! How will i get it And i want memory card recovery?

Give this a try - As long as you haven't ntook any more pictures , you stand a good chance in recovering everything. I've just done a recover with this - Copy and Paste it. - Read More »