I think my SD card is borken!?

Answer I can't imagine why you wanted to 'watch yourself' talk in your sleep.The video quit when the SD card was full, and the video file is now unusable, due to a missing End Of File flag.Format the card... Read More »

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How much would it cost to replace a borken LCD screen?

The screen is the single most expensive part in an LCD TV. The cost to replace it (parts and labour) is more than just buying a new TV set.

My pc turn's off by it self. I think it geting hot how can i tell if it's the motherboard or the vidio card.?

Your power supply will be the main cause for your computer shutting down. Remove the case cover, locate power supply, turn on computer - are the fans turning? Yes or No. No = Power Supply defective... Read More »

Is there a do not stop for any reason on orders of President military card I think I saw something about it on a documentary but forgot what it was called?

What is the difference between a bank card, credit card and a debit card?

According to, a bank card is a bank-issued plastic card with a magnetic strip used for electronic commerce. It allows transactions to be done electronically without having to... Read More »