I think my 2 month old pitbull leg is fractured, What do I do?

Answer Please take your dog to a vet immediately. Imagine how painful it would be if you had a broken leg - that's the kind of pain your dog would be in too.

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I fell and hurt my ankle my parents think its fractured fibula but I can walk on it a little bit?

only an xray will give you an answerbeing unable to weight bear and alot of swelling and looking odd, is highly suspicious of a fracture (break)get the foot elevated when you are sitting / apply a ... Read More »

I think my 3 month old has allergies... how can I know and what can I do?

As crazy as it may sound, your little one may not have allergies yet. It is not uncommon in an infant to have a cold or congestion every 6 weeks, the first 18 months. My son did this too the whol... Read More »

You had your period two times last month and you are bleeding light right now can you still be pregnant and not no it cause you think its your period this month?

AnswerYou are probably not pregnant, but you should take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

What are the signs of pregnancy for a pitbull?

Pit bulls are powerful, passionate dogs who display intelligence and affection to the people who care for them. If a female pit bull isn't spayed, there's a good chance that she'll present her fami... Read More »