I think i swallowed a small piece of plastic?

Answer You're fine

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I believe i swallowed a piece of plastic?

If it is sticking it in your throat get it removed by a doctor.

I swallowed a piece of plastic today, what should i do?

if the stomach acid, hydrochloric acid, doesnt dissolve the plastic it will still there for a couple days then the body will just dispose of it through the digestive tract.

I think a small piece of food is in my lung?

If you having a tough time breathing go to the E.R. ASAP! If it stays the same just keep a close eye on it, make a doctor appt. if your worried.

You swallowed a piece of glass?

If you swallowed a peace of glass, you should go to an Emergency Room, because there is a chance that the glass will start damaging your organs, and you don't want that. So just to be safe, it's al... Read More »