I think i smoked weed laced with pcp?

Answer Here is a tip, stop smoking weed and get off the couch.

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Bad trip on weed or laced with something else?

It was not laced. You took to much. You started to feel numb and tingly and didnt have control of yourself. Everything felt weird cause you edged out of reality. Thats what drugs are thats how you ... Read More »

Any idea what this weed was laced with?

The thing about lacing with PCP is that 'wet' is worth more than weed. Plus she would have been hit by it quickly. I've been offered wet before, just in passing, and the first hit was noticeably ... Read More »

I smoked about 1.1 grams of weed over a 9 day period. I haven't smoked in 5 days. Am I good to pass a UA test?

No absolutely not. Don't listen to anyone who says you can dilute or drink cranberry juice, it will stay in your system, period. Just stop smoking, it's not worth the trouble? I've figured out..

How can i tell if my weed is laced?

ugh if you're doubting your dealer find a better one/ or tell them straight you want ONLY weed and NOT laced with anything/