I think i just f*cked up my pc!?

Answer Click on your Start buttonAll ProgramsAccessoriesSystem ToolsSystem RestoreRestore your computer back to a date that it worked properly. It should undo any damage.

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I just did something really stupid, do you think I just killed it?

Coffee grounds are good for plants. So I doubt it.

If you're 6 months pregnant and just saw dr for concerns of contractions cramping and pressure and were given pain meds then told to rest what should you do if you THINK you just lost your mucus plug?

Answer Go back to the doctor. The mucus plug indicates that labor is within a week or 2. It is better to be safe, you may have a little one who wants to make an appearance much sooner than planned.... Read More »

What do you think of my new website (it is not finished yet but just tell me what ya think?

you probably want to get rid of the frames. I don't see any reason for them.I'd get rid of the white and use a slightly lighter shade of blue in the background. that green on white is hard to readI... Read More »

Do you think im spoiledor not ,or just to rich?

yep. money cant buy happiness. have fun discovering that later in life little middle schooler...