I think i have an abcess in my mouth?

Answer Yikes! You NEVER want to pop an abscess yourself. That can lead to massive infection which can get in the bloodstream and kill you. Since you are on antibiotics already, I would advise you to stay ... Read More »

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Dental abcess in mouth?

I had a tooth abscess a year ago. It was sudden. I woke up with a small tooth ache, and by the end of the day it was the worse pain I have ever experienced. I went to the dental emergency because i... Read More »

Mouth abcess info needed?

You should notice by the next day that the swelling has eased along with the pain,i was give Cefalexin for mine and it worked after just taking two doses,so my swelling went down in the same evenin... Read More »

Can an abcess in the roof of your mouth due to a toothache cause more serious problems from the pus spreading into your sinuses?

Answer This is nothing to fool around with. This infection could actually spread through to your blood stream, and then you will be in worse trouble.Call your Doctor and get this treated.

I think I have an absess in my mouth?

Sounds like an abscess. You need to make an appointment with the dentist so s/he can x-ray your mouth to see if there's an infection. If there is, you need antibiotics before the infection spreads ... Read More »