I think i have a spider bite what should i do?

Answer Get to the ER or doctor soon. There are some poisonous spiders and their bite can be very detrimental...

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I think I have a spider bite ~ what do I do?

It sounds like a chigger bite. It's possible that it's a spider bite but they way you describe it and your location really makes it sound a like a chigger bite. Try putting a little clear finger ... Read More »

I think i might have a posionus spider bite!!!?

I have a spider bite, i think...its verry small and one little black hole?

Brown recluse spider and black widow spiders are poisonous. To know more about spider bites go to this website.

Spider Bite What Should i Do?

You probably have gotten bitten by a common spider around your house, a natural home remedy to stop the itching would be cooking some oatmeal with hot water (not too much) and then put this in the ... Read More »