I think i have PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)?

Answer PMS is really, really common, but if you're feeling that bad for up to two weeks before your period, then it's likely that it is not just that. I'd advise you to talk to a psychiatrist.

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Im 15 and i think i have patella femoral syndrome?

It is probably just growing pains it'll go away

I think I have "Exploding Head Syndrome"?

All joking aside, If I told you what that was you'd be scared, if it happens again I'd talk to your doctor about it!

I think I might have Carpal tunnel syndrome Help?

You did not state your age, which is helpful in diagnosing symptoms. You also were not specific in your description of your symptoms. You said your fingers started to throb, but did not specify w... Read More »

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