I think i got bit by a spider!!?

Answer You won't turn into Spiderman. Lol. Chances are it didn't bite you (You would've felt it.) Even if it did, it's very likely anything life threatening would occur. Maybe a little swelling. If you're... Read More »

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Spider bit ...... i think?

I think there was a spider in my ear!?

Well there is no easy way to say this. But you are going to die. The only solution i can think of is getting a drill. And drill in your earhole and hope it dies.

I think I have a spider bite ~ what do I do?

It sounds like a chigger bite. It's possible that it's a spider bite but they way you describe it and your location really makes it sound a like a chigger bite. Try putting a little clear finger ... Read More »

Spider bite I think please respond?

It might be. anyway you clean there with warm water containing any antiseptic lotion.