I think i cracked a rip on my chest but im not sure?

Answer okay, I see a lot of conflicting answers here. A cracked rib does hurt, in proportion to how badly it is cracked. It especially hurts to take a deep breath, or laugh. DO NOT TAPE IT. Doctors st... Read More »

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Do you think my rib is cracked or just bruised?

You always apply ice to any trauma for the first 36-48 hours. This is to decrease pain and swelling (heat will increase swelling due to increasing the blood flow and hence pain); after the initial... Read More »

I think i cracked my tooth in half?

Um well I think it's gross that u don't brush ur teeth:/ u need to brush ur teeth nigh and day or the tooth fairy wont except ur tooth and u will be left tooth fairy less and that sucks because eve... Read More »

I think I had cracked my thumb nail?

I THINK my dad is spying on my not sure tho?

Well if he had physical access to your computer, and he's computer savvy like you said he is, I doubt you will know.You could check to see what programs and processes are being used in your Windows... Read More »