I think i broke my leg!!!!!!!!!!!easy 10 points ?

Answer If your leg was broken you would be in extreme pain, and most likely already at the hospital. Your leg would be swollen to twice its original size and you wouldnt be able to move it at all. You mos... Read More »

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I supposedly broke someones $300 camcorder lense. Who'se fault is it and what should I do 10 points!!!?

it was an accident it's more his fault than yours cause he got so close but how was he spost ta know you were gonna wanna gain spped u knnow? so it was just an accident they happen he'll get ova i... Read More »

I think i broke my toe?

FWIW, if the toe's bones are aligned, the doctor will not do anything if it's broken. Feel it--gently!--and get to the ER if the bones don't line up.If they do, take some ibuprofin (Motrin, Advil) ... Read More »

I think I broke my wrist?

Megs, why did you break your wrist? ;)I am sorry, that has to be painful!You need to go to a doctor if you can.If you can't, then you need to immobilize your wrist. Keep it really straight and get ... Read More »

I think I broke my toe! Help!?

i am sorry but you can really do anything for your pinky toe. all i can say is take some advil put some ice on it and keep it elevated. it isn't worth going to the doctor. i am broken the same pink... Read More »