I think i broke my finger, i need help FAST!!!!!!?

Answer I think you should. Just in case that kid didn't put it back correctly, something might be amiss.

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Has anyone ever broke there finger(s) before?

Yes I hit my hand on a bed in a fight with my brother and broke my pinky finger and it took a little over a month or heal in that annoying cast lol.

Not sure if I broke my finger?

It is possible you could have jarred your finger?Its when you make contact with something, your finger dislocated itself,and relocates itself quickly.It does hurt. Where abouts is the swelling?& if... Read More »

How do I know if I broke my finger?

you should get it checked out I dont think you broke it but something is wronG with it

How can you tell If you broke a bone in a finger?

It's most probably broken. You should get an X-ray.