I think i bought a really crapy camcorder... Does any of you have it?

Answer no eh usado esa cam, pero checa en Menu y calidad de imagen,, la verdad me gustaria ayudarte pero no se como, saludos !!!!

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I just bought my first Camcorder. What are some cool things to photograph?

Never give up on the neighbours (hint hint).

I have bought a camcorder of JVC from dubai duty free 10 days ago, I want to refund it. How it will be done?

The returns policy may be printed on your receipt. You haven't said where you are or why you want a refund. If the camcorder's faulty I'd talk to JVC, if you've just changed your mind you could t... Read More »

Just returned from Benidorm and was really ripped off.Bought a video camcorder cost over £900 uk price £300?

yes Don't buy anything like that. go on line in internet cafe and check it out first.

I have just bought a Panasonic Camcorder HC-V100 HD. Is it normal that when I play back a recording?

Yes it is Normal. That is how a HD camcorder works, it interpolates the video, which means for every frame taken by the Camcorder lens, 6 to 8 frames are created by the internal electronics in the ... Read More »