I think i am dying?

Answer Can I have your watch when you are dead?

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Why is everyone dying =(?

I just found out that Bernie Mac died a couple of minutes ago actually, the shock just hit me.The two most shocking were/are Bernie Mac & Heath Ledger.As far as Estelle Geddy's concerned, she's liv... Read More »

How can you tell someone you are dying?

That's a very good Question and the fact is there is no easy way to tell someone that you are dying. I know, because i have had to do just that. What i did do is i called my closest family to come ... Read More »

How to know if Dying?

I'm sorry for what you're going through.Yes, becoming withdrawn, not eating, not drinking, and altered breathing as another noted, are all good signs that likely she will die soon. You can't really... Read More »

Help I think I might be dying!?

Just to be safe, i'd get that checked out.......A bandaid wont work if you need stitches ;/ ..Good Luck, Sorry About The Incident..