I think I've broken my toe?

Answer You won't be able to without an X-ray. As long as its not the big toe you can it to the toe next to it in a straight position. That's what doctors do anyways. Use the white medical tape. It work... Read More »

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I think my toe is broken?

Did you call a toe truck? Sorry, couldn't resist. Are we talking all the toes, or just one that's injured?It's a very common issue, braking a toe. If the skin is not broken, you should be able to... Read More »

I think my toe is broken or what?

If it persists then you'll have to do it on your own time and money because it sounds like there's something really wrong with your toe. I recently broke 2 toes and they healed just fine on their own

Do you think my finger is broken?

Do you think my foots broken?

I broke my foot before and didn't realize it was broken, so it is possible t o do since it didn't hurt as much as you'd think a broken foot should. If your doctor didn't X-ray you when you went to... Read More »