I think I'm gonna stop being a vegetarian!?

Answer Someone said peanut butter... You could try that.Also, make bean burgers... there are plenty of bean cake recipes online... slap one on a bun with some lettuce and tomato... you got a meat substitu... Read More »

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Should i stop being a vegetarian?

okay...don't sweat it. this happens a lot with new vegetarians.what you need to do is see if you can meet with a clinical dietitian.You probably aren't eating the right things for a vegetarian. T... Read More »

How to stop being a vegetarian :)?

I would start very slow...chix noodle soup is a good start yummy. Start with chicken I would think. Chicken you can do a million things to if you wanna cover up the plain chickeness to it....(that ... Read More »

Should I stop being vegetarian?

If you like the smell of bacon, I'd say go for it! Latest research shows there are little health benefits of being a vegetarian. Mortality rates of meat eaters and vegetarians are essentially the s... Read More »

Does being vegetarian stop your growth?

Like most people, your dad doesn't know anything about being vegetarian. A healthy veg diet makes a healthy person just as a healthy standard diet makes a healthy person. Same goes both ways for po... Read More »