I think I'm addicted to prescription medications, what to do?

Answer Bekah, I have gone through what you are going through and I'm terribly sorry you are in this position. I also have chronic pain so I have firsthand experience with these issues of medicating the in... Read More »

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What is the street value of these prescription medications.?

Hydro is 5 bucks and cheaper, if it is a lorcet, vicoden etc.and the 30 mg morphine can be up to 15 dollars or 20. depending on where you live. make it so you have to sign for them, yes they are in... Read More »

How to Travel With Prescription Medications?

Take your prescription medications with you when you travel, but protect yourself from trouble with authorities and with lost, stolen, or running out of medications.

How long are prescription medications good for?

Prescription medications are good until at least their expiration date. Some prescription drugs are good for years beyond the time they expire. However, the drug may not be as effective.Source:The ... Read More »

Survey: Do you recreationally abuse any of your prescription medications?

I fired off an extra dose of Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray. My nasal passages are ripped and veiny in a nasal steroid induced rage.