I think I'm addicted to corn...?

Answer I love corn too. You can replace it with avocados. Um maybe peas, or anything in vegetable section.Hope I HelpOh thank you:)

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Do you think I'm addicted to my computer!?

Your dad doesn't hate you. He just wants the best for you that's why he is turning of the internet.. So you are more healthy

If you are addicted to eating Johnson pure corn starch baby powder and now you are pregnant is it harmful to the baby and you?

Answer I am not sure why anyone would eat corn starch, although there is a condition associated with pregnancy called Pica. Pica is the strange cravings that some women get during pregnancy. Women ... Read More »

I think im addicted to salsa and candy!!!!?

Yes if you don't discipline yourself and learn to control your eating habits. It's fine in moderation, but health-hazardous if you allow it to get out of control. Talk to close friends, a parent, a... Read More »

Please help I think i'm addicted......?

Congratulations you have just contracted "Yahoodelers disease"