I think I tore my rotator cuff. How do I know for sure?

Answer I tore hurts even when you don't use it....hurts really bad if you do. I just tried not to use it very much...and to lift my arms and move them gently for exercise when the pain started... Read More »

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How do I know if my rotator cuff is torn?

The rotator cuff, located in your shoulder, is responsible for holding your shoulder blade to your upper arm through tendons and muscles. Due to the location and purpose of the rotator cuff, it is ... Read More »

Torn rotator cuff Has anyone had one I think I have.?

Sounds more like you've got an upper thoracic or cervical vertebra out of alignment, Nikon. I suggest a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. Your MD might have to refer you to a physio but you can vi... Read More »

Do you know anything about "Rotator Cuff" surgery?

My dad just had that done two weeks ago today. They went in orthoscopically, which means they made a few "poke holes" and put tiny cameras in and fixed it that way instead of making a large incisi... Read More »

I think I tore my thigh muscle but not sure PLS help?

You may have actually twisted a muscle. It can be painful and cause you to feel that stretching pain but yes you also could have pulled/strained it. I would try massaging it to see if you feel a tw... Read More »