I think I sprained my knee?

Answer It sounds like you've twisted it. Just go to your doctor, they'll help you out. Just keep taking pain killers until then though.

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Twisted/Sprained knee?

Elliptical vs Treadmill for sprained knee?

I blew out my knee and I was advised to use the stationary bike. Any exercise that is weight bearing, like treadmill or elliptical puts extra stress on the knee and can cause more damage or delay h... Read More »

Playing/dancing on sprained knee?

No, your friend cannot dance in a week and half...its not possible to dance just after recovering from a sprained knee.

Can you apply deep heat to a sprained knee?

Hi Amber, you can indeed use Deep Heat but, I would keep your leg elevated and put a bag of frozen peas on it for awhile and put deep heat on when you go to bed.Good luck at the gala!