I think I pulled a muscle in my tongue?

Answer The muscle under your neck would have tightened up. If you press up under your chin, into the area of your tongue, that area is probably tight as a drum. It should be loose so you can press your ... Read More »

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I think i pulled a muscle?

It will heal in time, you should be able to run in a week or so (though your strength may not be 100%).Though if you want to fasten this process, i'd advise you to get ice or frozen peas from the f... Read More »

I think I've pulled a muscle?

I've had something similar happen to me during P.E. once in high school. My teacher told me to ice it for a few minutes, then apply heat for a few minutes. There should be some type of gel or somet... Read More »

I think I pulled a muscle in y knee?

the best home remedy is to ice and elevate the knee as much as practical. at least 30 minutes a day. this increases circulation/healing, and reduces swelling. ibuprofen will also reduce swelling an... Read More »

Urgent! I think I pulled a muscle D: D:?

You can treat a pulled muscle with rest, ice, gentle stretching, strengthening, mild heat applications, avoiding muscle fatigue. In the future, do proper warm up before your workout to prevent a pu... Read More »