I think I popped a vein.?

Answer ^ really alondra -__- yes there is, or else there would be a "injury" category, as well will "first aid" , "health care" ect. But Eric idk how to help you D: .. exept for is the Area around it bulg... Read More »

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The blood vein popped in my eye, what should I do?

You have had an obvious injury to your eye. It will heal in 2-3 weeks completely. This has happened to me several times. If it doesn't heal, then you should definitely see an eye doctor. Eye drops ... Read More »

What happens when you cut your vein?

It will bleed profusely for awhile. Pressure would need to be applied to stop the bleeding, if you knicked the vein it wouldn't be more bleeding than what it looks like when you have a needle remov... Read More »

What happens if you cut your vein?

Venous bleeds arent as serious as arterial bleeds. Venous blood is darker and oozes whereas arterial blood is bright red and usually spurting bc of the pressure. Venous bleeds arent life-threatenin... Read More »

Can this vein cause damage?

The reason that the vein under the pimple was swollen was because there was involvement with the pimple. A pimple is a minor infection itself, usually from strep or staph bacteria. When you popped ... Read More »