I think I might've pulled a muscle in my forearm?

Answer Just ice your forearm and rest it, you only need to alternate heat and ice if you are trying to bring a bruise out.............

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I think i pulled a muscle?

It will heal in time, you should be able to run in a week or so (though your strength may not be 100%).Though if you want to fasten this process, i'd advise you to get ice or frozen peas from the f... Read More »

I think I pulled a muscle in y knee?

the best home remedy is to ice and elevate the knee as much as practical. at least 30 minutes a day. this increases circulation/healing, and reduces swelling. ibuprofen will also reduce swelling an... Read More »

I think I've pulled a muscle?

I've had something similar happen to me during P.E. once in high school. My teacher told me to ice it for a few minutes, then apply heat for a few minutes. There should be some type of gel or somet... Read More »

Do you think I pulled a muscle What do I do?

Yes, you might have pulled a muscle. You should rest and avoid too much movement and stretching for the next few days.