I think I might of had a Brain Aneurysm rupture, but how do I know for sure?

Answer A ruptured aneurysm would produce neurological signs, which you do not mention. It is true that a sudden, every severe headache is a frequent symptom of stroke, but it doesn't normally present on i... Read More »

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I think i might need glasses but not sure?

I think you should get an eye check-up. It won't do any harm. Seeing numbers wrong isn't usually a problem, because it happens to quite a few people, but you should still check, just in case you ha... Read More »

Is it a Brain Aneurysm Help?

You would be passed out or on the floor screaming, holding your head. Sounds like the anesthetic that was used.And get help for your anxiety then you wouldn't have to be so scared and ask stupid q... Read More »

What is a brain aneurysm?

A brain aneurysm is swollen section of a blood vessel located in the brain. If gone undetected, it can rupture and cause sudden death. Sometimes, however, a person can have a brain aneurysm and pre... Read More »

Can a rollercoaster burst a brain aneurysm?

Roller coaster has weekened the aneurysm tempararily. You will be OK in a week. You will not die.