I think I might have broke my cheek bone?

Answer I suggest go to your doctor, now if possible.May be x-ray scans will solve your problem, but if its not a broken bone, which hopefully isn't a broken bone, then it would heal in a matter of days to... Read More »

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How to enhance my cheek bone,...?

Apply blush on your cheeks. First, make sure to choose your blush color will match on your skin tone. Once you have decided on what blush color you will use, the next thing you must do is the apply... Read More »

Have you ever broke a bone?

Broke two toes when I accidentally kicked a wall

First Aid. I think I have broke a bone in my wrist how can I tell?

it could be just a trapped nerve,but did you knock it,or strain yourself?.try moving it gently until you feel pain,and if you do,it looks like a trip to A&E, better safe than sorry

How can you tell If you broke a bone in a finger?

It's most probably broken. You should get an X-ray.