I think I might have a concussion :/ ?

Answer If you think you have a concussion you should go to the doctor.

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I think I have a concussion?

i think so u should go to ur doctor but if u do DNT SLEEP

I think I have a minor concussion?

You should go to a doctor because you may have a concussion. Sometimes symptoms will not show up for hours or even a day after you get the injury. Because of this you may not have had any symptoms ... Read More »

I think I have a concussion but my parents won't take me to the doctor?

I am no expert, but I would probably have to say you don't have a major concussion. It could be a minor one. But it is important for you to go to the doctor just in case. Otherwise don't do any phy... Read More »

I think I have long term damage from a football concussion. help?

Im not a Doctor. But this could well be an affect from your recent concussion. Booking an appointment with the dr should be well in order. Chances are you are fine and nothing is seriously wrong. B... Read More »