I think I might have Carpal tunnel syndrome Help?

Answer You did not state your age, which is helpful in diagnosing symptoms. You also were not specific in your description of your symptoms. You said your fingers started to throb, but did not specify w... Read More »

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I Think I Have Carpal Tunnel HELP!?

It's odd, I am no doctor but with your finger locking it almost sounds like "trigger finger". My husband works with his hands and he has had to have surgery for that twice. I have Rheumatoid Arth... Read More »

Do I have carpal tunnel syndrome?

You can't be diagnosed over the internet. The symptoms you're describing are most likely a result of your activity and are originating in the neck (brachial plexus) and continuing into the forearm... Read More »

Can a 17-year-old have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Answer Anyone can. It can be brought on by any repetitive action in the wrist. How many hours you spend on the computer should give some guidance as to whether or not you need to talk with your doc... Read More »

If you already have carpal tunnel syndrome, what exercises can you do SAFELY?

Performing hand and wrist exercises can strengthen your tendons in the wrist area and also increasing the blood flow. By exercising your hand and wrist helps you to decrease the pain and let the ne... Read More »