I think I just ruined my education.?

Answer welcome to the wonderful world of college. you must remember that its a business, they are there to give you an education and you are there to pay for it, think of loans as an investment in your fu... Read More »

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My dog just chewed the box to a rental DVD, its ruined, do i have to pay for it, even though it's not ruined?

Do you think Mel Gibson is ruined?

Absokutely not. Remember how much hell the Jewish community raised when the Passion of the Christ came out? Look how well that turned out for Mr. Gibson. People should be less worried about some dr... Read More »

I just dropped my mobile phone into the bathwater! What should I do Is it ruined?

take everything a loose like the battery, take the phone apart and use a hair dryer to dry it (may sound crazy but it works i done it on 5 phones, im clumsy so i keep the hairdryer on standby lol) ... Read More »

I just did something really stupid, do you think I just killed it?

Coffee grounds are good for plants. So I doubt it.