I think I have major insomnia problems?

Answer I'm not sure it's Insomnia as much as it is a very irregular sleep cycle. How old are you, if you don't mind?Most people over the age of ten or so sleep monophasically; that is, they have one sleep... Read More »

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Major period problems, cramps, digestive problems?

You sound just like me back in 2002. Turns out I had endometreosis. It sucks hardcore! Heat is your best friend it helps a lot. It's true that taking birth control will help with this problem, but ... Read More »

I have major boy problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ask him if he will go with you to get a life.

Anyone else had major problems with Norton 360?

xXxX***ABOUT NORTON***XxXxNorton is known for paying out the *** to have there products as default security on most new computers from stores. They are also notorious for their aggressive marketing... Read More »

Having major sunburn problems?

try pouring vinegar on it in the shower then let it stand for a few minutes and rinse with luke warm water.