I think I have gum disease?

Answer that happens when you don't floss plaque gets stuck in between your teeth and a tooth brush cant reach there thats why you are SUPPOSED to brush floss and use mouth wash th bump will go away wit... Read More »

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I have a disease on my gum I think:,(?

haha don't get too scared, I have a feeling I know what it is. Its most likely mouth ulcers. They are very common and usually are from poor dental hygiene but actual causes are unknown. http://en.w... Read More »

I think i have coeliac or celiac disease. Please help?

It would definitely be worth testing for, and I'd go to the ER right now, you can mention that you suspect celiac disease; it might help.There may actually be a smoking connection to this, honestly... Read More »

Need help! Exam tomorrow and i think im dying or i have some horrible disease!?

Could this be anxiety? Make up a song with the information you need to remember. that's how I always memorized.

What is the name given to people who have alleles for a disease but do not have the disease themselves?