I think I have diabetes but no one believes me, what should I do?

Answer try going to a doctor and getting some blood or urine tests done. if you can't, pee into a cup and poor it on a sidewalk outside your home. return later (maybe a day or 2, not sure) and see if ther... Read More »

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Do you think diabetes type 1 and type 2 should have different names?

When I mention my diabetes I always mention it as "Type 1" and never just as diabetes. I do not like the term juvenile diabetes. Juveniles becomes adults and their is nothing juvenile about diabe... Read More »

Who believes Hillary Clinton cares what we think about the health care crisis?

Hillary care what we think about health care??? You mean the woman that had the answers in 1993 and held closed door meetings that violated the law because she was going to fix it then?? PR stunt... Read More »

Do you think diabetes should be considered a disability?

hey man i have type 1 i don't not think of it as a disability i still live my life i still eat what i want. you just have to take some time and do all your shot and when your blood sugar is high.wh... Read More »

I slept with a celebrity and no one believes me. Does it piss you off when no one believes you about somethin?

Well alot of people lie about things especially about knowing/doing things with Celebrities to make them look cool. And if you don't have proof it's hard to trust what you say about a Celebrity as ... Read More »