I think I have TMJ but I'm concerned with treatments for it.?

Answer I have had it on and off since December of last year. My ENT doctor told me to avoid chewing for a week and take alieve and advil to reduce the swelling of the tendons. It helped some for me. So... Read More »

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I cant ejaculate when i have sex with a girl, Im a male, should i be concerned, im afraid that im gay?

You're most likely just nervous. A good way to "check yourself" in terms of sexuality is to track the very last thing you think about when you.... er... take matters into your own hands, and are a... Read More »

Have you ever considered having a birthmark removed with Laser Treatments?

I had one removed with Laser treatments because my dermatologist was concerned about its ever changing shape. So, upon his insistence, I had it Lasered away. It was a reddish blotch on the back of ... Read More »

Could I have diabetes ,Im a bit concerned ?

First, I want to clear up some things. You must go to the doctor and get tested IMMEDIATELY. Without, proper treatment, diabetes can cause blindness and death! There is NO substitution for a test. ... Read More »

Concerned I may have breast cancer at 15?

At 15 your risk of breast cancer is one in 1.3 million; to put that in perspective, it's less than half your risk of being struck by lightning (one in 500,000).And what you describe sounds nothing ... Read More »