I think I had cracked my thumb nail?

Answer Derpina is funny

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Since breaking a giant toblerone my left thumb joint beneath the nail hasn't stopped clicking the whole thumb ?

take em to court , ha ha ,,, should com with a health warning.

How can i deleted a thumb nail in google?

How to Remove Thumbnails From the Google Chrome Most Visited PageInstructions1You should first make sure that your version of Google Chrome is current. Click on the wrench icon in the upper-right c... Read More »

How to Treat a Cracked Nail?

Fingernails crack and split when they become dry and brittle. The harsh chemicals in some nail polishes also break down the top layer of the fingernail -- a glue-like substance called keratin -- ma... Read More »

Cracked my big toe nail, whats should I do?

I suggest going to the doctors/hospital, keep it clean till then