I think I did something to my ankle but I am not exactly sure?

Answer If it isn't swelling much and not changing color, it is not broken. A landing like that will almost definitely cause an ankle sprain. Ice it for a little while and it should get a little better. A ... Read More »

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What old cartoon is this...there was a boy and a seagull and something about a harbour I think his dad was dead or missing and maybe theres something to do with a flute or a dragon im not sure?

I cannot recall a Cartoon specifically on this line, though plots dealing with ( Daddy Hunts) were at times almost a staple in some juvenile films , this is rather HEAVY ballast for a cartoon show.... Read More »

Not sure if I sprained my. Ankle?

Some people deal with the pain better than others. Swelling means there is still damaged tissue, so I wouldn't recommend running on it or anything until the swelling goes down more. Elevation, comp... Read More »

Not sure if sprained ankle?

Everybody is different. Some people break a bone and you can barely tell, and some people get the worst swelling and bruising when it's nothing. It all depends on your personal history of injuries.... Read More »

I plan to become vegan, but im still not exactly sure on what i cannot eat. help ?

If you want a REALLY good VIDEO about veganism, then you seriously need to watch “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” on Youtube.…Another good speech b... Read More »