I think I broke my pinky toe?

Answer Ice it up and stay off your feet, keep that foot elevated. Take a couple of Aleve or some other kind of analgesic for the discomfort. There's nothing much they'd do for a broken pinky toe. I've bro... Read More »

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I think i broke my toe?

FWIW, if the toe's bones are aligned, the doctor will not do anything if it's broken. Feel it--gently!--and get to the ER if the bones don't line up.If they do, take some ibuprofin (Motrin, Advil) ... Read More »

I think i hav broke my camera...?

looks like you've broken the LCD. might cost between $50 and $200 to fix, depending onn what camera you have. The manufacturer will fix it for a price. Warranty usually doesn't come into play here ... Read More »

I think I broke my wrist?

Megs, why did you break your wrist? ;)I am sorry, that has to be painful!You need to go to a doctor if you can.If you can't, then you need to immobilize your wrist. Keep it really straight and get ... Read More »

I think I broke my wrist!!!!!?

That's not your wrist. It's the bone in your hand connecting your thumb. You need to get that checked immediately or risk dead bone. You could risk permanently losing the ability to use that thumb.... Read More »